Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Take Care of Eyes To Stay Healthy And White

Do your eyes feel tired and sore at the end of the day? Modern life puts a lot of stress on our bodies and eyes are one of the first things to suffer. But it was not to be this way. Learn the simple things you can do for the health of your eyes and your eyes will feel and look better in a few days.

How to Take Care of Eyes To Stay Healthy And White - uncorrected vision problems can develop, and wearing corrective contact lenses or glasses that are no longer right for you can cause vision problems and severe headaches.

The good news is that no food will be harmful to your eyes. Most food does not affect your eyesight at all, although the right vitamins and minerals that are very helpful. Recent studies have shown that vitamins of the antioxidant group can prevent, or at least slow down, age-related conditions such as macular degeneration and cataract development. So a healthy diet will not restore vision already lost, but it can definitely slow down the process of eye diseases such as blurred vision, reduce eye minus and cylindrical, eye cataracts, etc. or prevent one from scratch.

Vitamins C, A and E, folic acid, selenium and zinc are definitely beneficial for the health of your eyes. The effects of other vitamins and minerals that have not been determined, but it seems likely that they affect your eyesight as well. Thousand-page books have been written on the topic of nutrition for eye health but, to summarize, it is known that whatever is good for your body is good for your eyes, too. So put a carrot and a bunch of grapes into your lunch box.

Carrots are very common in the United States that it is easy to overlook the benefits of their potentially powerful for your health.

Now the popular snack to eat with dips or add fresh vegetable juice, or as an addition to soups and stews, carrots have been valued since ancient times for their medicinal properties. According to the US Department of Agriculture: 1

"Considered native of central Asia or west (possibly Afghanistan), carrots cultivated first arrived in North America with early Virginia colonists. Carrots are an important member of the parsley family, which also includes celery, fennel, and dill.

vitamin found in carrots can help improve overall eye health. Carrots contain beta-carotene, a substance that the body converts into vitamin A, a nutrient essential for eye health.

The wine is pleasant fruit to eat. Not only the taste is sweet and refreshing, but the wine is also low in calories and high on the water-content, so the perfect fruit to munch on during your free time. As if these benefits are not enough to convince you to include grapes as an important part of your diet.

New research by the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami highlights that eating grapes may play an important role in reducing the risk of eye health and to ensure that proper eye care.

The research was presented at a recent conference of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) - eye and vision research organization in the world with research members from more than 70 countries - in Orlando. This suggests that regular consumption of wine can play a role in protecting the retina from damage and help proper eye care. Degenerative diseases of the retina either retinal tear, retinal detachment or macular is one of the leading causes of blindness.

How to Take Care of Eyes To Stay Healthy And White - Therefore, in addition to eating fruits and a healthy diet is also good for your eyes, there are also some that must be done to keep your eyes stay healthy. When you read or work on the computer make sure that the right light

Your eyes are an important part of your health. There are many things you can do to maintain your health and make sure you look your best. Follow these simple steps to keep your eye health.

It is common knowledge that working with poor light can cause eyestrain, but light is too bright can cause a lot of damage.

Keep your curtains on top of sunny days and switch off half of the household lights, if possible. The best lighting for working on a computer is a desk lamp that is soft, coming from the side. Also, you can try to reduce the brightness of your monitor. The color will not be so obvious, but your eyes will feel much better at the end of the day

Give rest to the health of your eyes
Great invention of the 20th century - the computer - not so great from a health standpoint. Nearly everyone feels discomfort in their eyes after peeking computer screen all day. This is because people blink about 25% less often then usual, while working at the computer, which causes eye dryness.

If you follow these simple rules, your eyes should feel much better. They will look better too - you might notice that your eyes shine and white they are actually white.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Tips on How to Whiten Skin Body Naturally

How to Whiten Skin - Be aware that there is no way the body naturally whiten skin in a short time or quickly. Despite this more natural way recommended by beauty experts considering ways are not side effects for healthy skin. Actually there is a quick way to whiten skin by using skin whitening products. The product can be purchased easily at a beauty shop. But if you already know that most skin whitening products using a variety of hazardous chemicals such as mercury, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide.

If you want to whiten the skin by using skin-whitening products certainly you must be smart in choosing the product. Meticulous composition of the product and see whether the product has the official permission of BPOM RI or not. Meanwhile, if you want to have white skin and bright without side effects, you can listen to some of the natural ways to whiten skin that will be discussed this time. It should be noted that in this way requires a process and time. So you need to be patient and routine in applying it. In addition it is also only valid way to whiten dark skin due to environmental factors, not because of genetic or hereditary factors.

Before discussing further what are the ways to whiten skin naturally I need to explain first that every part of our body skin has different qualities, whether it's sensitive skin or not. For each part of the body has different ways. For example, how to whiten skin on the hands will be different from the way whiten skin. Then how to whiten the skin using natural ingredients? Immediately following tips along the way. For more friends at home can also read an article about how to whiten the skin of the hands and feet that are more specific and already we reviewed in the previous article.

How to Whiten Skin:

1. Using Milk
Use condensed milk and not milk powder. You live applying a few drops of white milk directly to the face. After the whole face terolesi milk, let stand for 15-20 minutes and finally rinse with warm water. Apply this way at night when you go to sleep.

2. Air tea, rice flour, and honey
The ingredients namely 100 ml of tea water, 2 tablespoons rice flour, and 1/2 tablespoon of honey. Combine these three natural ingredients, stirring until blended. After that maskerkan on the skin, leave on for 20 minutes or until dry. After that just wash your face with a special sponge for the face. Try applying this way 1-2 times a week.

How to Whiten Skin Hands and Feet:
1. With a body lotion and carrots
First grated 2 carrots first, then add 25 ml body lotion or taste. Once well blended and then apply on the skin of the hands and feet. Let stand for 30 minutes then wash with water. You can apply this way after a bath, apply also on a regular basis.

2. Olive oil and rice
Before mixing the two natural materials, first puree rice with crushed and blended way. If it is a new refined mix with olive oil to taste. After that lulurkan mixture of natural ingredients to the skin of your hands and feet. Let stand for 30 minutes to rinse with water. Apply after bathing in this way and try to apply it on a regular basis.

How to Whiten Underarm Skin:
1. Yoghurt and milk
2 tablespoons yogurt mixed with milk was quite effective for skin whitening underarm. You can apply the mixture on your armpit after mandu. Once applied let stand for 30 minutes or until dry, rinse thoroughly lived.

2. With lemon
After your bath, rub lemon wedges in the armpit. Rub for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water until clean.

How to Whiten Skin Crotch:
1. Air alum
You can buy alum in some stores, such as chemical store, pharmacy, or supermarket. Alum is not liquid but rather shaped crystal stones. How to use the alum is by soaking in warm water until dissolved. Afterwards, apply on your groin, use a soft towel when applied it.

2. Lime and Kapur Sirih
This mixture of natural ingredients can whiten the skin of your groin. You simply applying a mixture of lime and whiting in the groin after every shower.

How to Whiten Skin Elbow and Knee:
1. Sugar Scrub
How to use it is by dissolving sugar in water first. After that just rub on your elbows and knees.

2. Lemon Juice
You can apply lemon juice on the elbows and knees using cotton. Let stand for 15-30 minutes and do three times a day.

Please select one of the ways the body naturally whiten skin above. Given the above manner using only natural ingredients, so you need to apply them on a regular basis so that results can be maximized. A few beauty tips this time, waiting for the other tips in this blog just yes. In addition to helping your skin stay healthy so you can also use a natural mask. Read: How to make egg white mask for health and cleanliness of the skin naturally.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Easy Ways to Take Care Damaged Hair Naturally

Hair is the crown and must be maintained health. Sometimes people often indifferent form a variety of styles in the hair, it will make the hair tortured and finally broken. Some of the causes are found such as hair coloring, hair mencatok, rebonding and smoothing. It it is quite useful to add style your hair becomes more beautiful, modern and attractive. But there are things you should know that the side effects of each of these methods. If your scalp is not resistant to the chemicals and processes used it will damage the health of the scalp and the hair eventually also damaged, dry, fall and branched out from lack of nutrients. For that identify the cause of damage to the hair and treat damaged hair in a natural way or with materials suitable for your scalp.

How to care for damaged hair loss, dry and naturally branched

Olive oil is very well known in the field of hair care, because it is rich in vitamin A, E, C which can provide nutrients to the skin, hair and damaged hair. By using olive oil as a mask done regularly then the hair that had once broken, loss, dry and branching will soon be healthy again quickly. How to use it as a hair mask or hair of energy in general, the hair after shampooing rub gently with a towel until slightly dry, then apply olive oil on the scalp and massage gently and evenly. Do massage for 5-10 minutes and apply olive oil throughout the hair strands so that the nutrients can be absorbed by the scalp and hair strands. Then let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with clean water. It's easy is not it? Do it runtin for maximum results.

how to care for and cope with damaged hair and split ends using aloe vera. Using aloe vera is a natural way that can be used, because the content of the sap that has been shown to discolor the hair and make hair straight and healthy. It is very easy to download large size aloe because aloe vera stem the large size of the rod certainly contain more vitamin E. Then cut into sections and sides, apply the sap to the scalp and do the massage gently. But before your hair should be rinsed first with warm water and dry semi-arid. After doing the massage with aloe vera sap, apply to all strands of hair. Then let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with clean water. Try to do it regularly 2-3 times a week for a month and see the results.

How to treat damaged hair for smoothing

Use a shampoo and conditioner that is right for your scalp. Many types and brands of shampoos and conditioners that are already in the nearest store. Choose appropriate and you usually use for maximum results do not wash it every day. Shampoo and conditioner is to reduce the effects of hair damaged by smoothing.

Second, pay attention to your nutritional intake. Eat vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin A, C, E so that the scalp and hair can be healthy again. The intake of this nutrient is important is actually needed by the body. Not just the hair, eyes and skin any part of the body can also get the benefits.

Third avoid hair dryers. Hair dryer is used to dry the hair, but it is wonderful you dry your hair is relaxed with a soft dry towel and then aerated until dry, then after that you comb neatly. If forced to use a hair dryer to use in the position of not too hot.

Use a comb no sharp edges and toothed. It is indeed trivial but can be bad for the health of your scalp and hair.

In addition you can also use hair vitamins to help treat damaged hair for smoothing in order to more quickly healthy again.

So that we can say to you about how to treat damaged hair, loss, dry and branched naturally because of smoothing. Perform routine within a month there will surely result. See clearly the difference after doing some treatment. Hopefully useful and thank you for visiting.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How to Whiten Skin Face and Body Naturally

How to whiten the skin and the body naturally. Who would not want to have white skin radiant ?. Especially in Indonesia, have white skin is the dream of all people especially women. So do not be surprised if the womenfolk are willing to perform a variety of ways and means so that their skin was white. Starting from attempting to use natural materials, modern materials (such as cream bleach) to use injecting bleach in doctors beauty. Even today not only womankind alone, the man does not want to lose him to the salon so the phenomenon is not a taboo anymore.

Actually whiten skin is not difficult, it just needs a little attention and routine maintenance so that it can be realized. One way is by using natural materials or traditional to bleach the skin and body. Besides safe for the skin, you can also avoid the side effects that can damage the skin and body health. Therefore immediately switch using natural materials from now and later.

You must have the curious is not it? natural materials what the hell that can be used to bleach the skin and body? Well from the curious, beikut are several ways that you can use at home to whiten the skin.

1. How to Whiten Skin


Lime juice has antioxidant content is very beneficial for the skin. One of the benefits of lime that can brighten dull skin become white and fresh. You can try using lemon juice and egg, how to prepare 1 orange juice and 1 egg, then squeeze the lemon juice and grab them and mix them with eggs. After that, stir to form a paste, then evenly apply on face for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.


Aside from being a vegetable, potatoes turned out to also be useful as a beauty ingredient. That is because potatoes contain bleaching agents that can be used to bleach the skin. You do this by setting up some potatoes, peel and wash. Then blend the potatoes up into juice, then add a few drops of honey. Apply it on the face evenly, leave it to dry and wash off with warm water.

The benefits of milk is very good for health, but not only that milk can also be useful as a material beauty, which milk can be used to make face to be bright and natural glow. It's very easy just by applying a few drops of white milk on the face evenly. Then let stand for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

2. How to Whiten Skin Body


Avocado fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and natural oils. The content contained in an avocado is exactly what is beneficial for skin health and beauty. You can use avocado juice to whiten the skin, by way of take 2 to 3 pieces of ripe avocado flesh and mix it with water, then puree as a scrub. After that, apply on the body evenly for 15 minutes, rinse with clean water before bathing.

Papaya and Lime
Papaya fruit useful to remove dead skin cells that can cause the skin to become bright. Besides papaya also contains anti-oxidants which is very good for skin health. Therefore you can try to whiten the skin by using papaya mixed with lime in a way, take papaya is still raw, then grate until soft, then give it a few drops of lemon juice and stir until blended. After that, apply to all parts of the body you want, let stand until dry and rinse with warm water.

Rice and Olive Oil

You can try to whiten the skin of the body that hands and feet with rice mixed with olive oil. The trick is to smooth the rice first, then mix with olive oil, then stir until evenly distributed. After that, apply on the skin of your hands and feet, sealam let stand about 30 minutes, rinse with clean water. You can use this method before or after a shower every day.

Lemon and White Eggs

Lemon fruit contains a lot of Vitamin C that can be useful to brighten the skin. Besides lemons can also make your skin clean. You can whiten the skin by using lemon mixed with egg white in a way, mix the lemon that has been blended with 1 egg whites, then reheat briefly in a small frying pan, then let stand until the material becomes semi-solid. After that, save in a container and enter it into the refrigerator. Once cool, grab the material and apply on the body evenly for 15 minutes, rinse with clean water.

Those are some natural ways that can be used to bleach the skin and body. You can try at home to get white, clean and healthy. All your wishes can be realized if accompanied by intention and effort (regular maintenance). Now waiting for, please try and get the skin of the face and body as you dream.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

How to Grow Hair Quickly

Now the market has mushroomed variety of products ranging from beauty products, skin care, hair from toe to head. However, many products are sold freely in the market already contain a lot of artificial chemicals, and other mixed materials to a given outcome is not good enough and last long. As with any treatment of hair loss and dandruff shampoo how many brands that have been circulating in the market that promise to overcome the problem of hair loss to hair dandruff?

The loss of hair will certainly grow back, but what if the hair growth is running slower than normal hair growth?

The following will be given how to grow hair fast which uses natural herbal ingredients which must secure the hair without damaging side effects, including:

1. Olive oil

Olive oil is still included in the ingredients natural herb commonly used instead of cooking oil and a complement of certain food recipe, it has the benefits of oil to grow hair loss. Olive oil can be used not only to help the process of hair growth, but can also to nourish the scalp. By way of drip 4-5 drops of olive oil after shampooing, scalp with a mild massage. For maximum results, use olive oil at night so that the content of olive oil to seep into the roots of the hair and the perfect tissue on the bottom surface of the hair. Then the next morning wash it with clean oil until there was nothing left.

2. Eggs

Eggs enriched with protein and vitamin B12 can also be used to help grow hair. By way of taking part then put the egg yolks into the container, take the little by little while there applied to the scalp thoroughly, then gently massage approximately 10-15 minutes. After a massage Wash perfectly until the stench of eggs disappeared from the hair. To get maximum results, do as many as four times a week.

3. Coconut Santan

Coconut milk which is actually used as a mixture of several types of food bersantan, it also can be used as one of the natural ingredients for hair growth, coconut milk is used to promote hair growth in a way take approximately 300-500ml coconut head, then sisirkan coconut milk head start from the scalp to the ends of your hair slowly and evenly to make it easier to use a wide-toothed comb. Then wrap the hair that has been smeared with coconut milk with a clean towel and let stand a minute to 20 minutes. After that, rinse your hair with cold water. Perform this hair care routine 3-4 times a week. Then look at the results obtained not only the hair that grows increasingly dense, but it makes the hair look shiny naturally.

4. Coconut oil

Generally coconut oil is widely used as a drug for the treatment of hair to remove dandruff, overcoming hair loss, thicken hair and other hair treatments. Take coconut oil to taste then apply from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Make sure all parts of the scalp has been oiled with coconut oil flat, gently massage oil that is absorbed well by the roots of the hair. Massage up to 15 minutes, then wash as usual. Not only faster hair growth and thickness, but also can help eliminate dandruff be one of the causes of hair loss.