Tuesday, October 16, 2012

9 Ways to Overcome Toothache Fast

Toothache is very common, but it is a cause of great discomfort and pain. There are several causes of tooth pain such as inflammation and infection of the damage, tooth or extreme temperature conditions. Oral hygiene is very important for general health. In addition to brushing and cleaning teeth and gums properly you should make sure to take proper diet. Intake of sugar should be cut down for good oral health.

Toothache can cure a variety of ways. If you suffer from tooth decay then you should visit your dentist to have it professionally treated. Infections of the teeth and gums can usually be treated with antibiotics. There are natural remedies and many homes also help heal the pain of your teeth faster. Let us discuss some home remedies for toothache.

  1. Place a slice of onion on the teeth or chew for several minutes. This is an excellent remedy for toothache.
  2. Chewing wheat grass works very well in killing the bacteria on the teeth. It also cleared of toxins and makes healthy teeth and string.
  3. Chewing a clove is also an excellent remedy for toothache. Clove oil can be used to gently massage teeth rot for good results.
  4. Mixed pinch of pepper in a quarter spoon common salt and rub it on your teeth. This mixture not only kill bacteria on the teeth, but also cleanse them of toxins and other harmful agents.
  5. Mixed pinch of asafetida in some lemon juice and heat the mixture slightly. Then massage your teeth. Asafetida has anti-bacterial qualities are excellent.
  6. The application of an ice pack on the cheek and jaw helps in reducing pain and also relaxes the teeth.
  7. Clove Garlic has antibacterial properties which is very good. Placing a clove of garlic on the teeth helps in curing toothache.
  8. Eating fruits rich in vitamin C is very good for the teeth. Drinking lemon juice and eat other citric fruits helps maintain dental health.
  9. Applying a mixture of mustard oil and turmeric powder on the teeth is also a very good healer.

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