Sunday, October 14, 2012

Catfish Fish For Health Benefits

Freshwater fish this one proved to have many benefits in the health field. It was not alleged that the fish like to eat dirt it can be used as medicine. Among the many benefits for the treatment of catfish is strengthening the abdominal muscles, treating diabetes, impotence, hepatitis, ambient and eczema. How to use is very easy, simply cooked / boiled and eaten or burned, charred, and in finely crushed and made powder in hot water and then pour in the drink. Especially for those who suffer from impotence, take catfish in cooked according to your taste then in makan.Yang sold in stalls and are usually in the form of fried mixed vegetables with chilli sauce, is very good if accompanied basil leaves. Between the meat and seasoning sauce is what makes us so strong.

Based on the scientific study of catfish have cukuptinggi protein content in it is about 17%, not only that this fish also have a wide range of fatty acids, which can be sufficient essential fatty acids daily kabutuhan us about 9%. But limit your intake of fish, because the cholesterol content is also quite tinggi.1 days 2 tail is sufficient to provide a lot of benefits.

Another benefit of the catfish is to assist the growth and development of children. Content of Essential Amino Acids are very useful for growth and bone development in children, helps the absorption of calcium and nitrogen balance in the body, and maintains a child's body that is not too fatty. It is also capable of producing antibodies, hormones, enzymes, and the formation of collagen, as well as tissue repair. So the catfish can also protect children from cold sores and herpes virus.

Seeing a myriad of benefits and fame catfish would not hurt if it as a business opportunity catfish. Moreover, so many food stalls or places serving catfish as one side dish choice among the other fish. So it is definitely catfish will provide a distinct advantage. Want to try?

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