Sunday, November 4, 2012

Everyday Habits that Can Ruin Dental Hygiene

Having a child with a beautiful teeth of desire all parents, therefore needed special knowledge about child dental care habits so that the teeth can grow with regularly. Teeth are organized and maintained a healthy growth will foster confidence in children and their parents. But often we do not realize that there are daily habits that can damage children's teeth. If allowed to continue, then these habits can trigger changes in the shape of tooth structure or even cause damage to permanent teeth.

Any habits that can damage the structure of your child's teeth?

  • Providing dot in children. Bad habits are usually given to soothe the child, whereas the dot shape that does not fit the shape of orthodontics can cause children to become tongos / mrongos.
  • Do not clean the rest of the milk on the teeth of children. These bad habits lead to tooth loss due to the acidification of the remaining milk on the teeth of children.
  • Soften the child's diet. The habit has adverse implications on the growth of the jaws of children.
  • Lazy habit of eating vegetables and fruit make a child's dentition overlapping and irregular due to the fibrous foods is tantamount to supporting the growth of the jaw properly.

What can parents do to get their children have healthy teeth and regular?

  • Caring for children's teeth since the baby teeth. Maybe some people found no need to be too intensive in caring for baby teeth because baby teeth will be replaced by the date and permanent teeth. Indeed, the opinion is wrong because of the presence of a healthy baby teeth determines the location of the permanent teeth nice and healthy too.
  • As early as possible introduce children to the toothbrush.
  • Never hesitate to consult a doctor about the growth of your child's teeth as soon as possible so that it will get a solution if there is a problem in your child's teeth.
Apparently, the role of parents is very big on the growth of children's teeth so they should pay attention to daily habits that can damage children's teeth.

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