Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to Cure Thrush

How to cure thrush is actually easy to use mouthwash or mouth ulcer drugs sold diapotik. Experienced oral thrush is a disease that everyone must experience it and make every sufferer feel uncomfortable.

Thrush makes one a loss of appetite, difficult to chew, and the pain is excruciating pain. Chapped lips, sometimes accompanied by dizziness.

Causes that lead to a person suffering from canker sores are:

  1. Lack of oral hygiene maintained 
  2. Lies in the arrangement of braces 
  3. Food and beverages that are too hot or too spicy 
  4. Cigarette 
  5. Toothpaste is not suitable 
  6. Lipstick 
  7. Infections caused by the fungus Candida albicans 
  8. Overhang fillings or dental caries, and tooth prosthesis or artificial 
  9. Bitten or hurt caused by a collision. 

In addition, there are other things that cause these sores appear as:

  1. Hormonal imbalance in the body 
  2. Stress 
  3. Deficiency of vitamin B12 and minerals 
  4. Disorders of the digestive system 
  5. Radiation 

Besides the causes of the appearance of canker sores can also be caused due to viral and bacterial infections. There is also a saying that thrush is a form of immunologic reactions that occur in the oral cavity is not abnormal. And immunologic very closely related to one's stress or psychological condition. Psychological factors such as stress idteliti already have a relationship with the onset of canker sores attack.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

How to Care For a Healthy Eyes

How to Care For a Healthy Eyes ~ sometimes care of this one organ (eye) can be forgotten. Though the eyes are the most important things to support the livelihoods of a person's life, just imagine if our eyes are blind, color blindness (cataracts), surely this can not diminish the happiness of our lives?.

Perhaps unconsciously or consciously we neglect the care of our eyes, if our eyes are a little taste of scotch or less good we usually ignored me, and consider it trivial ahhh definitely will heal itself. Though of trivia that could make things very dangerous for the health of our eyes.

Therefore if you are one of those people who often overlook the little things that happen on the eyes, start now then change the way we think, our eye care as usual we treat the face regularly every bath / day.

Actually, what are the problems that can be caused by never make eye care? When we rarely make eye care side effects that we will get such vision loss (blindness), the view is not clear (hazy), frequent eye pain, headache, and the last color blindness or cataracts.

Of all the things that you do not want not, therefore rawtlah our eyes as you often do the treatment on your skin.

Well after the above described effect is what you get if you do not often care malakukan mat. Actually, what are the causes of your eyes get too tired? Here's a trivial thing and we seldom realize make our eyes become tired:

  1. Often Read Book While Lying 
  2. Reading in the dark or low light 
  3. Too often watching television (TV) with the distance is too close 
  4. Reading while driving a car or riding a motorcycle. 
  5. Sunlight is very hot, if the current is so hot hot (scorching) you try to leave the house use the help of an umbrella or sunglasses, it is useful to avoid eye fatigue. 
  6. Often driving a vehicle at night the day, this happens when you see the light (lamp) which is the opposite direction of the car with your vehicle so that the eyes will be dazzled by the light 
  7. therefore as much as possible you avoid or parse the above habits 
  8. To keep you or protect your eyes so you can not be too tired to do a bit of reading and tips on how to care for the eye to become more fresh and not tired anymore.